Hey everyone, good morning. I am sharing this with you today because of so many relevant words I have heard of late and the Holy Spirit has confirmed within me the truth and the validity of this central theme. The theme is that we are truly not of this world. The Trurh is that we are of a Royal Priesthood in Christ and that we are made to sit in Heavenly Places with Christ. Our true citizenship is one of Heaven. We are not bound by the things that take place around us because our heart and our spirits should be focused of God and the things of God. It is time that we live from a higher place, a higher wisdom and knowledge. A Place set before us by the One who is Higher than us. It is time for us to take our seats among the Holy One of Israel. For He has called us up there with Christ to be before Him. So today i just really want to encourage each of you to change your focus, refocus your lense of sight to one of Heavenly Focus. For that is what our Father has for us and has made available to us. I love you all and I pray that we all start living from the Heavenly Seat God has placed us in. Amen!

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