Good evening everyone. Tonight I want to share this passage with you because of the truth behind it and the relevance to the present season we are in. The fact that God has continually dd us to leave behind those thoughts that keep us bound in a place of less than His best for us. The ways that we have so easily adopted that keep us from walking in a higher way that God has made available to us. Just as I shared this morning, He has made us to sit in Heavenly Places with Christ Jesus, He has given us the ability to have an inpartation of God Knowledge with His higher thoughts and ways. So tonight i just really want to encourage each of you to dig deeper into Him. Hunger greater for His Word. Climb higher into the place He has set before us. Let us all tap into something greater than us, let us tap into God. I love you all and i pray that we will all desire more of where our Father is taking us and more of what He has for us. Amen!

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